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Water beads and sheets off the surface.  There are two different types of Hydrophobics, beading a sheeting.  With beading the water forms a round bead on the surface the water comes in contact with.  With sheeting the water runs off the surface very quickly.  Our coatings primarily focus on sheeting because this helps in ease of cleaning and water spot prevention.  


A non-stick surface allows dirt, marine growth, other  contaminants to easily release from the surface.  This also makes scum lines a breeze to clean.  In most cases this allows you to simply pressure wash off the dirt and contaminants or lightly wipe it with a towel.  You can say goodbye to spending several hours scrubbing your boat to get it perfectly clean.  


Stain resistance gives your boat unparalleled abilities to prevents stains from sticking to your porous gelcoat.  Stains happen when an element gets in the pores of the gel coat.  This is why it is so hard to get stains out without specific cleaners.  A Marine Ceramic Coating fills in those pores so that the stain has nowhere to go.  Then the non-stick surface combines with the natural stain resistance to make cleaning it up a painless process. 


Harmful chemicals that are acidic or alkeline based can etch your gelcoat and cause permanent damage.  Bird droppings are are probably the most common chemical etch marine enthusiasts deal with.  Bird droppings are acidic in nature, most boaters don't notice etches right away due to most gelcoat being white.  However, on darker colored gelcoat this is much more noticeable.  Think of a bird dropping etch on your vehicle.  The same process happens on gelcoat it just might be harder to see.   


UV Protection will prevent your boat from oxidizing.  Our coating utilizes Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide to block 99.9% of UV rays from ever reaching the surface of your gel coat.  They block both UV A & B rays.  Most boat owners know the tried and true method is to compound and wax your boat.  This is to remove and prevent oxidation.  But wax has very little UV Protection and a short lifespan.  Causing you to have to redo this process over and over again.  Wouldn't it be amazing to never worry about doing that ever again?  


A Marine Ceramic Coating provides an insane level of gloss.  Think of a brand new boat, but better.  Your boat  will have all your friends asking, "what wax do you have on your boat?"  Words cannot describe the joy and pride you will get from seeing your boat constantly look better than brand new. 




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